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Would you like to become a Board Member?

You must be available to attend board meetings once per month as well as volunteer some personal time to special functions and projects at Hastings Manor, such as fundraising events or a barbeque for staff. Meetings and functions are held at Hastings Manor.

Some of the benefits of becoming a board member are to:

  • Enhance Awareness of the Needs of Elderly and Infirm
  • Learn through Service
  • Discover your Strengths and Talents
  • Build a sense of Independence
  • Expand your Social Circle
  • Develop Skills
  • Gain Work Experience
  • Network for Success by Volunteering

The Foundation is dedicated to making a difference by raising the funds needed to provide our Residents with updated equipment and programs to bring comfort and dignity to their lives.

Anyone interested in volunteering some time and becoming a Board Member please contact Anne at 613-968-6467 ext. 2265 or

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