Planned Giving

Our elderly deserve the very best care! You can be part of a brighter, healthier tomorrow for hundreds of elderly and infirm in your community, by making a lasting gift to Hastings Manor Foundation.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is the arrangement of a meaningful gift to a charitable organization, like Hastings Manor Foundation, in your long-term financial planning. Planned gifts are usually arranged in the present, but received by the foundation in the future. Gifts can include:

  • a bequest in your will
  • life insurance policy proceeds
  • charitable gift annuity
  • gift of property
  • endowment.

While planned gifts can often mean benefits to you, such as income tax savings, the real benefit is the wonder your gift works at Hastings Manor.

Ways to Give


A bequest is the gifting of cash or property to Hastings Manor Foundation, as specified in your will. A bequest is one of the simplest planned gifts to arrange and it can significantly reduce your estate taxes.

Life Insurance

A new life insurance policy, which names Hastings Manor Foundation as the owner or beneficiary, is a substantial gift. The premiums you pay qualify for a tax receipt. You can also transfer ownership of an existing policy to Hastings Manor Foundation and receive a tax credit for the cash surrender value.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a gift that guarantees you a lifetime income. Your annuity gift allows you to make a generous gift of capital, while allowing you or your partner to continue to receive income from the capital during your lifetime. A charitable gift annuity offers substantial income tax advantages; you will receive a tax receipt based on the final estimated value of your gift.

Property Gifts

A gift of personal property will be issued a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value. Actual receipt of the gift by the Foundation can be deferred, allowing you to benefit from property income during your lifetime.

Endowment Gifts

An endowment is an everlasting gift. Endowment funds are to a charitable organization what retirement funds are to an individual-resources "set aside" for the future. The Foundation will utilize the annual income from the endowment fund while the principal remains in the fund.

How to make a planned gift

We would be very pleased to work with you and your advisor to arrange a planned gift which best suits your goals. Please note that the information here does not constitute legal or financial advice. You are encouraged to seek professional legal, financial and estate planning advice before deciding on a course of action. For more information contact

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