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There are several ways to give your Hastings Manor Foundation donation "special direction." Please review the list of special funds.

Picnic Pavilion Fund

The Picnic Pavilion Fund is used to assist in the building of the pavilion in the Hastings Manor Park. The structure will give the residents of Hastings Manor the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in seasonal weather while protecting them from the elements. The Picnic Pavilion will include a stage for entertainment, a kitchenette for serving, a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, storage and electricity. Donating to this fund will help us build the Picnic Pavilion for the Residents of Hastings Manor.

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Alzheimer Care Fund

The Alzheimer Care Fund is used to finance programs and equipment for those with special needs. The new Hastings Manor has incorporated special therapeutic gardens on both the east and west wings of the second floor. Donating to this fund will help to provide outside furniture and plants for these gardens.

Nursing Development Fund

The Nursing Development Fund is used to enable educational courses that contribute to the professional development of our nursing staff. Nursing staff includes our registered nurses, registered practical nurses, personal support workers and health care aides. Donating to this fund will allow staff to have access to upgrading their skills and education by providing them with education grants.

Palliative Care Fund

The Palliative Care Fund is used to support the two palliative care suites located on the third floor. These two suites have a separate room off of the resident's room with a pullout couch, fridge, microwave oven, and bathroom with a shower. This allows family to remain 24-7 with their loved one. Donating to this fund will help support the two palliative care suites and further the staff education regarding end of life care.

Resident Comfort Fund

The Resident Comfort Fund is used to provide equipment, furnishings, and programs for the residents. On an ongoing basis new advanced equipment is needed as residents needs increase. Furnishings need to be acquired for this large facility and there is always a need to fund resident programs. Donating to this fund will help us provide much needed equipment, furnishings, and programs for our residents in order to enrich their quality of life.

Activation Fund

The Activation Fund is used to provide extra special programs and entertainment for the residents of Hastings Manor. Residents are able to enjoy outings to local theatres, invite talented performers to the home and host exceptional functions. The funds also help the Activation Department purchase equipment and other items for the residents enjoyment.

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